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  Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University General Language Course
Preparatory Course Individual Courses
Course Timeline 2 weeks 1 semester 2 semesters as requested
Number of Lessons
70 lessons 48 2x400 flexible
Content Intensive language course and experiential education General language lessons General language and technical language lessons as requested
Prerequisite to Enroll

No prior knowledge of Hungarian language is necessary
PreA1 – C1 level language proficiency

No prior knowledge of Hungarian language is necessary
PreA1 – C1 level language proficiency

No prior knowledge of Hungarian language is necessary
PreA1 – C1 level language proficiency

based on demand
End of Course Requirements Oral and written final exams End of semester oral and written exams

Final exam on all CEFR levels
ECL B2 level Language Exam or Technical Hungarian Language Exam

as requested
Financial Aid & Registration

Tempus Foundation Scholarship

Neptune Registration required

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Tuition  Self-financed  Self-financed  Self-financed  Self-financed


MagyarOK ® Training Program:

We are convinced that the key to learning any foreign language in an effective and enjoyable way is using the target language for acquiring and passing on new information at every phase of the learning process as well as taking part in meaningful and successful communication. These are the most important elements of the methodological approach of MagyarOK® model-based education, which we use to develop our programs and methodological tools. All course materials follow this model-based teaching methodology using the MagyarOK textbook family, which won the European Language Award for Innovation.





Who do we recommend it for?

Anyone who enjoys intensive courses, where they learn the language for two to four weeks and six to eight hours a day. Additional projects and cultural events outside of the classroom help deepen your language learning. The program implements a form of language teaching that takes advantage of every opportunity to provide usable language skills and to create real life situations for using the language. Students can learn the basics of the Hungarian language during the courses that follow experiential learning methods, and those who have prior experience with the language already can deepen their language skills.

Program description:

The Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University in Pécs is an intensive course that improves participants' language skills not only during language lessons, but also during afternoon sessions and weekend trips. The program uses model-based and experience-based language teaching methods that are built on practical language use and effectively communicate useful language skills.

Course Timeline:  2 weeks
Number of Lessons:   70
Content: General Hungarian as a foreign language classes, experiential learning programs
Language Proficiency Level at Entry: Any (A0 – C1 CEFR levels)
End of Course Requirements: Oral and written final exams
Financial Aid & Registration
To enroll, contact: ✉


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Who do we recommend it for?

Anyone who would like to study the Hungarian language and who resides in Pécs or in its surrounding area between September and December and/or between February and May. Classes are offered twice a week for 90-minute sessions (a total of four classes). Students are divided into small groups based on their individual levels of Hungarian. Our former students were undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Pécs and other individuals working in the region. Students take a written and oral exam at the end of each semester, which is based on the material covered during the language course.

Program Description:

The Hungarian Elective Course is offered for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pecs, and for self-financing non-university applicants as well. The course runs from mid-September to mid-December and again from mid-February to mid-May. The dates of these courses correspond with our semester schedule. During the semester, we teach a total of four Hungarian lessons a week (90 minutes twice a week). Classes are advertised on six language levels from beginner to advanced language learners. The course ends with an oral and written exam. You can take the exam only if you participate in at least 80% of the lessons.

The timetable of these lessons is prepared jointly by teachers and students. In September/mid-February, we devote our first lesson to scheduling purposes to make sure that all interested students can negotiate the days and starting time of the lessons to fit into everyone’s work and study schedule. There is an additional two week-period for late-arriving students to join the learning groups.

Course Timeline: 1 semester
Number of Lessons: 48
Content:  General Hungarian language lessons
Prerequisite to Enroll:  A0 – C1 levels
End of Course Requirements:  End of semester oral and written exams
Financing & Registration: 

Neptune registration is required for University of Pecs students

Self-financing option is available:

Full tuition: 80.000 HUF/semester

Discounted Tuition for university employees and volunteers: 40.000 HUF/semester

Tuition fee does NOT include the cost of language books.

To enroll, contact: ✉

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Who do we recommend it for?

We recommend this program for you if…

  • you would like to become a competent language user and acquire advanced Hungarian language skills.
  • you wish to participate in an intensive, full-time preparatory program and plan to pursue university studies in Hungarian language.
  • you wish to enroll in technical language preparation in one of our three specialty areas: medical terminology, humanities and natural sciences.

Program Description

Participants of the program will study the Hungarian language 30 lessons per week. The program starts at Pre-A level and during the first semester students can advance through A1-A2 language levels in 400 hours. During the second semester, hard-working students may advance from B1 to B2 language levels with an additional 400 hours. The second semester will end with a B2 ECL language exam. In the second semester you will also have the opportunity to enroll in specialized language courses in the areas of medicine, humanities or natural sciences to help you prepare for admission to the faculty you have chosen.

Course Timeline: 2 semesters
Number of Lessons: 2x400
Content:  General Hungarian and technical language lessons
Prerequisite to Enroll: Pre-A
End of Course Requirements: Final exams, B2 language exam in Hungarian as a Second Language (ECL)

Stipendium Hungaricum
Self-financing option


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