General Language Course

The International Studies Center at University of Pécs organizes courses in Hungarian as a foreign language during the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. The fall course runs from mid-September to mid-December, and the spring course is from mid-February to mid-May. The dates of these courses correspond with our semester schedule.

The course is open to all foreign students and staff who are studying or teaching at the university, as well as other foreigners living and working in Pécs and its surrounding areas. Our professional teaching staff holds a 12-week Hungarian course (four 45 minute classes per week, weekly 2 x 90 minutes).

During a 48-contact-hour course, students may study at any of the six language proficiency levels (A1-C1) in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.

Language learners who are not beginners but wish to continue their studies in the Hungarian language will take an oral and written language proficiency test to be placed in a group at their corresponding language proficiency level.
Our groups have a minimum of four and a maximum of 12 students. (Unfortunately, we can't start a group with less than four students.)

Students can find the accredited courses titled “Hungarian for Foreigners 1-6” in the “Neptun Unified Education System” as elective courses, listed under the codes starting with OBF-HF1-T_MEA-FHF1-S and ending in OBF-HF6-T_MEA-FHF6-S. Once you enroll online, you are automatically registered for the selected course.

In the case of “Neptun” registration, the course is free of charge; however, the textbook package needs to be purchased by the student. Keep in mind that every student is individually responsible for registering and dropping the course by the deadlines set by the faculties.

In order to earn your academic credits for “Hungarian for Foreigners 1-6” (2 university credits per course and/or 9 ECTS credits), please note that you are required to attend at least 80% of your language classes and pass the end of semester oral and written exams.

The curriculum:

Hungarian for Foreigners 1. - MagyarOK A1+ Textbook Chapters 1-4 and the “Food and Quantity” topic from Chapter 5. Read more 

  • I can introduce myself in informal and formal situations.
  • I can tell a few sentences about my country and my immediate environment.
  • I can count and tell the days of the week and the parts of a day.
  • I can introduce my family and briefly talk about each member.
  • I can buy food at the market and order food at a restaurant and I am familiar with names of ingredients and food products. 

Hungarian for Foreigners 2. – MagyarOK A1+ Textbook Chapters 5-8. Read more

  • I can buy clothes at a department store (give my size, the color I want and ask if they accept a card for payment).
  • I can briefly talk about my daily routine and my free time activities.
  • I can make an appointment with my friends.
  • I can tell a few sentences about the weather, I can name the seasons and months.
  • I can invite a friend to an event (e.g. a birthday party or gathering). 

Hungarian for Foreigners 3. – MagyarOK A2+ Textbook Chapters 1-4. Read more

  • I can talk about my extended family in details.
  • I can talk about my place of living and its surrounding environment.
  • I can talk about my hobbies, what I do/don’t enjoy doing.
  • I can talk about what I do in my free time in detail.

Hungarian for Foreigners 4. – MagyarOK A2+ Textbook Chapters 5-8. Read more

  • I can talk about my study habits and the education system of Hungary and my country.
  • I can talk about my job and my work environment (or the advantages and disadvantages of a particular job).
  • I can talk about my travel habits.
  • I can discuss ideas for a healthy lifestyle.
  • I can talk about typical Hungarian products and dishes that are famous. 

Hungarian for Foreigners 5. – MagyarOK B1+ Textbook Chapters 1-6. Read more

  • I can talk about how people greet and introduce themselves in my country and compare our customs to those in Hungary.
  • I can talk about what helps me concentrate and what doesn’t.
  • I can talk about my vacation in details. 
  • I can discuss a variety of services and tell my opinion about them.
  • I can write a short advertisement.
  • I can talk about what is needed for effective language learning. 
  • I can talk about my Internet use and screen time. 

Hungarian for Foreigners 6. – MagyarOK B1+ Textbook Chapters 7-12. Read more

  • I can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking.
  • I can tell my opinion about team building events and trainings.
  • I can talk about advertisement and its impact on our lives.
  • I can talk about my reading habits in details.
  • I can describe the political and economic situation of a country.

I can talk about the most important historical events in Hungry and in my own country.

The course is self-financed for those who do not have a student status at the University of Pécs.

Full tuition: 80,000 HUF

We offer a 50% tuition discount to current university staff, their family members, and volunteers of our university.


Discounted price: 40,000 HUF

Tuition fees do not include the price of the textbook package.

The cost of our language textbooks are as follows:

  • MagyarOK A1+ (green): 8,500 HUF
  • MagyarOK KOMPAKT: 7,500 HUF
  • MagyarOK A2+ (blue): 8,500 HUF
  • MagyarOK B1+ (burgundy): 10,000 HUF
  • MagyarOK B2+ (orange): 10,000 HUF


The final exam is optional for self-financed students. In the case of a successful final exam, they will also be awarded a final certificate with ECTS credits.

The timetable is prepared jointly by teachers and students at the first meeting. In the middle of September/February, the first meeting will be devoted to scheduling purposes. There will an additional two weeks for new students to join our learning groups.

All our course take place at the University of Pécs’ International Studies Center at the following address: 7624 Pécs, Damjanich utca 30.

If you have any questions related to the information shared above, do not hesitate to contact us: