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Preparatory Courses in English

Integrated Preparatory Programmes in English:

Flexible and open-ended learning programmes for your needs


The International Studies Center, Medical School, University of Pécs (ISC) offers complex and integrated preparatory programmes for degree studies to meet your language development needs as an international student and facilitate your integration into the context of higher education in Hungary. Foreign language programs at Hungarian universities minimally require B2 (upper-intermediate) language level and you also have to be knowledgeable in your chosen field of studies for admission.


1. The Milestone Stage

If your level of English is below B1 – intermediate level – or you are a beginner you can join our program at the Milestone Stage. In the first semester, you will learn lots of English and we help you develop your language skills up to intermediate (B1) level. The 400-contact-hour intensive language course in small study groups suits the needs of language learner the best at this early stage. At the end of the course you have to take an exam and a successful exam ‘upgrades’ you to the Upgrade Stage.



2. The Upgrade Stage

Have you completed the Milestone Stage of our preparatory program? Are you already on intermediate (B1) level of English? Your place is right here with us on the Upgrade Stage. We will focus on your language development in a manner that is closer to the academic context awaiting you. We meet during the semester 400 contact hours on thematically focused language lessons. You will successfully complete the Upgrade Stage by attaining pass grades in your courses and a complex ECL exam by the end of the semester.



3. The Gateway Stage

This is a stage specifically designed for students with outstanding English skills (already reaching or exceeding B2 level). Preparatory course students will join the Gateway stage after successfully completing Upgrade Stage and attaining B2, upper-intermediate level of English. The 400 contact hours merge language instruction (Academic English and English for Specific Purposes) with field-specific subject teaching. You will enhance your language skills while you will become knowledgeable in your future field of degree studies.















  • Medical Preparatory for
    • Biology
    • Dentistry
    • Dietetics
    • General Medicine
    • Medical Biotechnology (MSc)
    • Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
    • Physics
    • Physiotherapy
  • Business and Economics Preparatory for
    • Business Administration
    • Tourism & Catering
  • Engineering and Information Technology Preparatory for
    • Architectural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Science BSc
  • Humanities Preparatory for
    • English and American Studies
    • International Relations
    • Pedagogy BA (Intercultural Educational Assistant)
    • Pre-School Teacher BA
    • Psychology
    • Social worker

Our courses are 90 minutes long seminars or lectures usually from 8 o’clock in the morning until two or four o’clock in the afternoon with 30 minutes breaks between each lesson. Seminar groups are small, 8-12 people on the same English level, which accommodates language learning the best. Each student have the opportunity to visit teachers during office hours for individual consultations. Different preparatory courses offer different study tracks, thus you will learn field-specific vocabulary from day one.

For further information about English language BA, BSc, MA, MSc degree programmes please visit website.

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