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Learn more - Application Procedure

We welcome your online application on this site.

This site provides you with all the information and directs you to application.

All applications are made through this online portal. You are asked to create a username and password when applying to have access to the system at any time. The decision about your application and communication from the International Studies Center will be made through this system.

  1. First you need to apply and upload your documents.
  2. Then you receive an e-mail with a placement test.
  3. Please complete it and upload the answer sheet to the same site.
  4. After this we will send you an appointment for a Skype interview.


Step-by-step application

First please select your preparatory course:

  • Start your online application by clicking on the ’Apply Now’ button.

Here you can create your applicant account or you can sign in to the system.
Register on the application site by filling out the form.
Please upload your documents: 

    • a readable copy of your valid passport,
    • high school leaving certificate /secondary school leaving examination / IB Diploma (Transcript of Grades, if you still study)
    • AND its certified English transcript,
    • English language exam certificate,
    • Medical Certificate form.

You will receive an automated receipt of application by e-mail.
If any further information is required, ISC will contact you, so please check both your Inbox and Junk Mail.

  • Then you receive an e-mail with a placement test.
    Please complete it and upload the answer sheet to the same site. 
  • After this we will send you an appointment for a Skype interview.
    Please note that Hungary is in the Central European Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Central European Standard Time (CET) is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
  • ISC reserves the right to evaluate the admission interview. The online interview cannot be evaluated due to
    1. cheating,
    2. third person involved in the background,
    3. improper, irrelevant answers given to a question.

There is no language minimum level set for being admitted into a prep course.
However, based on the evaluation of your interview, the Head of the English Programme suggests you the best possible course-length according to your level of English.

Course lengths may vary as per below:

  • 15-month preparatory course of 1,200 contact hrs (3 semesters)
  • 10-month preparatory course of 800 contact hrs (Fall & Spring semesters)
  • 5-month preparatory course of 400 contact hrs (intensive entrance exam prep.)

Once we have received and processed all the relevant information, you will receive these official letters:

  1. the Letter of Assessment contains which course suits your needs, and
  2. the Letter of Registration provides you with the bank transfer details for ordering the payment of the application fee, the registration fee & your tuition fee.

The above fees are to be wired all at the same time in one single amount.
Please scan and e-mail a copy of the payment/bank transfer receipt to:

Upon receiving confirmation from the Hungarian Treasury and our Finance Department,
ISC sends you the Letter of Acceptance in e-mail.

  • This document is accepted for visa purposes by authorities.

Please note that international bank transfer orders take 5-8 days and interbank charges may occur depending on your bank’s Policy on Charges. Please make sure that ISC receives the full amount of your fees.

Output requirements of our preparatory courses:

  • Language exam Level B2: ’Independent user at upper intermediate level’ in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • sufficient professional knowledge in the chosen field of study - developed in collaboration with the Faculties of the University of Pécs;
  • international understanding;
  • time management and goal setting;
  • communication skills.


Attendance & Participation

Successful completion of the preparatory course requires

  • regular attendance of your ISC and Faculty classes,
  • arrival on time to class according to your timetable,
  • active participation,
  • completing written homework,
  • reading texts & tasks in your coursebooks,
  • delivering short speeches & presentations,
  • contribution to group work,
  • follow and respect your tutor’s advice,
  • prepare strategies for success.



Tuition & Fees

Care and Support of Under-18's