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Photo: Wikimedia

Why should I choose Hungary?

With more than a thousand years of history, Hungary is one of the most popular countries in Central Europe, offering foreign students plenty to discover. Besides its rich historical and folk traditions, Hungary is famous for its natural treasures, baths, vineyards, architecture, vibrant cultural life, musical traditions and gastronomy. Hungarian higher education institutions are becoming increasingly popular with foreign students every year.

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Why study in the city of Pécs?

The historical, cultural, artistic and spiritual heritage of Pécs along with the diverse traditions of its national minorities, its geographical location, its environment and the Mediterranean climate make it one of the most inspiring cities in Hungary. In 2010, the city was selected as “the Cultural Capital of Europe”, and since then Pécs has been referred to as the City of Culture because it embodies the diverse culture of Hungary and the region. Pécs is famous for its festivals, exciting artistic life, museums, university, research centers and international conferences. As a cultural center of the region, it is an excellent choice for students who want to study abroad.

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Why the University of Pécs?

The University of Pécs, Hungary's first university, celebrated its 650th anniversary in 2017. It has about 20,000 Hungarian and foreign students, many internationally recognized teaching and research staff and ten faculties, making it one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the region. Its high-quality education, training and research has been recognized internationally. The University of Pécs is proud of its state-of-the-art academic and research facilities and cutting-edge technologies used at the Szentágotai Reseach Center.

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Why should I choose the International Studies Center at the University of Pécs Medical School?

The primary objective of the programs at the International Studies Center (ISC) of the University of Pécs Medical School is to provide high quality Hungarian and English language preparatory and language courses to foreign students. We provide our students with general and academic language skills, as well as courses specifically tailored to prepare them for the entrance exam in the fields of their study. The aim of our programs is to prepare students to be successful in their university studies and to also encourage them to participate in the international cultural and recreational events in Pécs and the surrounding area.