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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply after the deadline?

  • Yes, you can. However, your visa status and country of origin may influence the date of your arrival into Hungary. Please read into the details.

How can I apply to university after the Preparatory Year?

  • We will provide pre-application advice, review your application materials, submit and complete your application. Feel free to ask us at Admissions in Damjanich Campus.

How can I get my student card?

  • First you need to register for a NEK number in the Okmányiroda in Kossuth tér 1-3. or in Szántó Kovács János utca 1. (please take your passport or residence permit & your address card along). With this document please come to Damjanich Campus and we will explain the next steps.

What should I wear if I have an exam?

  • For written exams you wear smart casual, clean dress of your choice.
  • For an interview you are expected to wear official clothes: for men - preferably a suit,  or a white shirt & black trousers (not jeans); for ladies - white blouse & black or dark blue skirt / trousers.

Where is the nearest copy-shop?

  • Downhill, at the end of Radnics utca.

How can I exchange currency?

  • You can find exchange offices in Árkád and in Rákóczi út.

How can I book an appointment to a doctor?

  • You can book an apppointment to the surgery at Nyár utca 8. here by using your Neptun username & password on the blue ’PTE ID LOGIN’ box.

I feel lonely & miss my family. Who can I turn to?

  • Please come to the Student Welfare Office at Damjanich Campus to find a personal solution for you.

Can I change dormitories?

  • Let us discuss it personally at the Student Welfare Office.

I have lost my residence permit.

  • Please contact Immigration Office at Pécs, Csend utca 3.  Call: +36 72 518 720

I do not understand this email…

  • Don’t worry, just come and ask us at Damjanich Campus.

My package has not been delivered yet.

  • If you know the tracking number for your parcel, you can check it out here.

Could someone help me to fill this form?

  • If you bring the necessary documents, we can fill the form together at the Student Welfare Office in Damjanich Campus.

What is a National Holiday in Hungary?

  • There is no school, shops are closed. If this day-off is Tuesday or Thursday, the weekend is also free for you.