Application Procedure





The International Studies Center, Medical School, University of Pécs is a professional community of teachers and administrators who constantly work to create a place for studying where students feel at home and enjoy to be. 

ISC offers the following programmes and courses in English:  

  • Medical Preparatory for
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
    • General Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Physiotherapy
    • Midwifery
    • Dietetics
    • Biology
    • Medical Biotechnology (MSc)
  • Business and Economics Preparatory for
    • Business Administration
  • Engineering and Information Technology Preparatory for
    • Architecture
    • Engineering Information Technologist
    • Civil Engineer
    • Electrical Engineering
  • Humanities Preparatory for
    • International Relations
    • Psychology
    • English and American Studies
    • Social worker


ISC offers the following programmes and courses in Hungarian:

  • Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University (2 and 4 weeks)
  • Hungarian as a Foreign Language semester credit-course for university students
  • Preparatory courses for degree studies in Hungarian


Applicants can choose the following course-lengths according to his/her language level in English/Hungarian: 

  • 15-month preparatory (1200 contact hours)
  • 10-month preparatory (800 contact hours)
  •   5-month preparatory (400 contact hours)


How to apply?

  1. Application: fill out the application form
  2. You are required to complete a written language test and participate on an online Skype interview. There is no language input minimum to get into the preparatory but after the online tests (Skype interview and written test) ISC evaluate your results and suggest you the best possible course-length (according to your language level).  
  3. You also need to send the following documents via email:
    • Fully completed application form
    • Copy of the secondary school leaving examination (or International Baccalaureate Diploma) and its English transcript
    • A readable, preferably scanned copy of your valid passport

4. After the interview, ISC sends you the Letter of Assessment with the suggestion from the Head of the English Program for the length of the course, together with the Letter of Registration containing the banking details for the instalment of the tuition, registration and application fees.
5. You will need to transfer the necessary fees all at the same time (tuition fee + application fee + registration fee) and forward the copy of the payment receipt via email to ISC.
6. When the Hungarian Treasury confirms the instalment, ISC sends you the Letter of Acceptance (both via email and by post).


There is no language requirement at the preparatory courses of ISC, however the length of your course depends on the level of your English knowledge.The 1200-contact-hour (15-month) preparatory course syllabus is necessary for those candidates who do not have evaluable language skill in the target language.

The output requirements of ISC’s preparatory, which were developed by the faculties at the University of Pécs in cooperation with ISC, and in accordance with the European Union Framework for Languages, are the B2 level language exam and the sufficient knowledge base in the chosen field of study.


Attendance and Participation

To successfully complete the course, you have to:
                - participate actively in class
                - submit/deliver the required written and oral assignments on time

To obtain the document certifying your participation in the Preparatory Program you are allowed to miss not more than 10% of the classes (in all subjects respectively). This certificate is required by several Hungarian and other European universities for their admission process.

Registration fee:   100,- EUR
Application fee:    150,- EUR
Books:               150,- EUR

Program length

Study Stages

Starting date


5 months / 400 lessons



4.200,- EUR

10 months / 800 lessons

Upgrade (+ Gateway)


6.500,- EUR

15 months / 1200 lessons

Milestone (+ Upgrade + Gateway)


9.300,- EUR