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The International Studies Center offers an intensive Hungarian language course each year in summer. The four-week-long course provides both language training and cultural programme, and is designed for those who are willing to study hard and at the same time be part of an outstanding experience with different nationalities from all over the world.

XIX. Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University, 2018

The General Framework

Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University.

On the following pages, we would like to give you an overview of our language learning program and extracurricular activities during your stay. Please read this document carefully so that you can take advantage of all opportunities offered and get the best out of your stay.


The Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University is organized around the following guidelines:

The training structure comprises five levels from beginner to advanced levels (Breakthrough/A1, Waystage/A2, Threshold/B1, Vantage/B2, Effective Operational Proficiency/C1). Students with some knowledge of Hungarian will be assigned into groups according to their results at a placement test taken on the first day of the language course.

  • Groups are made up of a minimum number of 4 and a maximum number of 10 students.
  • Tuition involves 30 language lessons per week given by professional, dynamic and experienced teachers who are committed to make learning appealing and engaging. Two tuition hours per week are dedicated to pronunciation practice and project work.

The curriculum focuses on communication and places the active use of the language into the foreground. The activities inside and outside the classroom will ensure that you can take advantage of the manifold opportunities offered by a native-speaking environment.

At the end of the course, scholarship holders must take an exam. (The exam is optional for individual applicants.) Upon its successful completion, you will receive a certificate (transcript of records) and you will be awarded ECTS credit points. During your stay, you will also have the possibility to take the internationally recognized ECL Language Examination at the Foreign Language Center at the University of Pécs.


The 15th Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University offers 2 / 4 week-long courses but students may also enroll for two or three weeks during the four-week course. Courses will start on 22 July and will end on 5 /  19 August 2018.


And the Extras…

Exploring Language and Culture

The language courses of the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University are completed by cultural seminars so that you will gain insight into recent history, everyday life as well as into the spiritual and material values and traditions of the Hungarian culture. Participation in the cultural seminars is optional. The seminars are held in English and Hungarian so that both, beginners and advanced students, who wish to expand their knowledge about the country, can benefit.

Effective and Pleasurable Learning

We have designed an up-to-date and innovative learning package for an effective and pleasurable learning experience. Our course books, MagyarOK  (, was awarded the European Language Label, a prize for innovative projects around language learning.

We believe that the key element of an effective and pleasurable language learning experience is to allow you to use, right from the beginning, the target language in ways similar to any other language you master: to gather information about a variety of topics and to share it with others in a meaningful way. In other words: we believe that classroom is a place where meaningful communication can take place. Lessons will provide a stress-free environment where you can discover the language and exchange with your fellow students in Hungarian and can take an active role in your learning process.

The curriculum foresees high progression for all levels to enable you to get the most ouf of your stay and make significant progress in your command of the Hungarian language.

Experience the Language: Learning outside the Classroom

We all know that real-life experience makes language acquisition more effective. The curriculum therefore tightens the connection between language learning inside and outside the classroom.

Guided project works will give you opportunities

  • to put into practice what you have learnt in the classroom
  • to expand your knowledge by interacting with native speakers
  • to find out more about Hungarian life and culture
  • to integrate yourself into the local community

A Few Highlights from the Extracurricular Program

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to

  • Explore Pécs, Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010
  • Discover the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a beautiful World Heritage Site,
  • Kodály Center, the state-of-the-art concert hall of the city
  • Enjoy Hungarian and international gastronomy
  • Discover Hungarian folk music and folk dances
  • Try out traditional handicrafts
  • Explore villages, towns and natural reserves in the surrounding Mecsek mountains
  • Practice your Hungarian with native speakers in various contexts

What you will take with you

  • A much better understanding of the Hungarian language and culture
  • Printed materials from your lessons and extracurricular activities
  • Inspiring exchanges with Hungarians and fellow students from all over the world
  • Broad intercultural knowledge that will enrich your life experience
  • Products of your project works (photos, lists of useful expressions and other objects)
  • A clear vision of what you will have to do next in order to make further progress
  • The material support to achieve this goal
  • And hopefully plenty of good memories J


Depending on whether you are a scholarship holder or an individual applicant, two different regulations apply:

1) Those who have been granted a scholarship by the Hungarian Scholarship Board do not have to pay the registration fee, the tuition fee, the accommodation (dormitory double room) and the meals (full board). Scholarship holders are more than welcome to attend the trips but should note that the costs are covered by the grant only up to a certain amount, the rest is to be paid by themselves.

For more information about available scholarships please visit the website:

Deadline for scholarship applications: March 01, 2018

2) Individual applicants must pay the registration fee and the tuition fee. Accommodation and meals are provided upon request and are to be paid by the applicant as well as the costs for trips.

Fees to be paid: registration fee, tuition fee (including lesson fees, study material, consultation hours, administrative fees and end-of-course certificate)

Facultative extra costs: trips, cooking show, meals and accommodation

   2 weeks   3 weeks   4 weeks 
Registration (EUR) 80 80 80
Tuition (EUR) 450 650 720
Trips (EUR) 130 190 230
Lunch (EUR) 70 105 140
Breakfast-lunch-dinner (Eur)  170 255 340
Dormitory, single (EUR) 175 265 350
Dormitory, double (EUR) 125 190 250
Guest House, single (EUR) 375 565 600
Guest House, double (EUR) 200 300 350



You can choose between dormitory or guesthouse, and between single or double rooms. Please consider when that rooms in the guesthouse are more comfortable. Of course, it is not mandatory for you to take any of these options; you are free to arrange your accommodation yourself.



We offer lunch or breakfast, lunch and dinner (full board). Please indicate whether you are a vegetarian. When deciding upon whether you would like to reserve any meals, please take into consideration that most Hungarian main dishes include meat so, you may have a smaller selection of available dishes if you are a vegetarian.


Changes regarding accommodation, meals and extra programs during the program

We are open for individual changes regarding accommodation during the first week of the program. Should that be the case, please note that the organizers must be informed by Thursday of the first week at 4PM, the latest. The changes will be effectuated on the Monday of the second week.No changes can be made after the first Thursday, 4PM.



The application deadline for individual applicants is 1st July, 2018.

Early Bird applicants (until 15th March, 2018) or those who have already participated in one of our Summer Universities receive 10% discount off the tuition fee.

Please submit your application form

  • Via e-mail:
    • In person or via mail: University of Pécs, International Studies Center, H-7622 Pécs, Dohány str. 1-3.
    • Via fax or telephone: +36 72 251 300


Please visit where you can find some photos from previous years.


For any further information, please contact Dr. Katalin Pelcz (, Head of the Hungarian Language Program.



International Studies Center

University of Pécs, MS

7622 Pécs

Dohány str. 1-3.



We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 18th Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University!


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