Hungarian Language Courses

The International Studies Center offers Hungarian language courses throughout the year. Twelve-week-long semester courses are organized in autumn and spring, and four and two-week-long intensive courses are offered in summer.

The ISC organizes Hungarian language courses at five levels (basic, beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced). The groups are made up of a minimum number of 4 and a maximum number of 8 students. Hungarian is taught by a professional teaching staff throughout the year. ECTS credits may be earned after a successful written and oral exam.


Semester programme

The ISC offers semester courses of Hungarian language both in autumn and spring of each academic year. The Hungarian language course during the twelve-week-long semester contains 48 contact hours. Students of different nations attend the course at the International Studies Center (ISC) Medical School, University of Pécs. The ISC offers the most up-to-date conditions for its students. Its modern classrooms and technical equipment guarantee an attractive milieu for learning.


Intensive programme

The ISC offers an intensive Hungarian language course both in summer and in winter. During the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University Hungarian is taught in 6 contact hours a day in small groups of 4-8 students. Moreover, students may attend cultural seminars in English and participate in facultative excursions to get to know the town as well as the region. The language teaching focuses on communication, profiting from the Hungarian language environment. A group can learn with the help of three language teachers. The contact hours are complemented by consultation hours as well which provide students with the possibility of discussing their individual questions and problems with their teachers.

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